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Hello All,

Recently my 2012 Passat has experienced some failures with some of it's electrical functions. As far as i know, the fresh air blower, 12v cig socket, seat heaters, rear window heaters, auto rear-view mirror dimmer, and intermittently the ticker for the turn signal stopped working simultaneously. I noticed these issues when I turned the car one day before work, my phone wouldn't charge, and the fresh air blower wouldn't come on. I replaced the fuse responsible for the 12V socket, it was blown. However the air blower still wasn't working. I didn't have time to deal with that, so I continued to work; this is when i noted the other failures that i'm aware of.

I've checked every fuse in both the cabin near the instrument cluster, and under the hood. These were all fine. Has anyone else experienced these problems? Is there something i'm missing?
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