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Hello. It is my first post on the forum. I just saw a topic while i was googling on this website which is :
And i want to ask you that did you find any solution for this issue ?

What i did was i added Puddle lights and Door warning ligts on my car. As soon as i got HEX cable from Ross Tech i activated them. And then somehow my onetouch options are gone. I did some several changes with VCDS but i have no clue how the heck that windows button effected from them. I do remember that after i activated my Remote Windows roll up/down they were working proper. After for awhile i realized that my one touch doesnt work at the top of it my windows only rolling down via Remote . It does not even roll up via Remote. ( I tought that it does not roll up via remote because my One touch option is deactivated) . After that i connected to Cable and Made Auto Scan . Door 42 / 52 gave 1 fault error which was 1 Fault Found:
00121 - Outside Warning Light/Door exit Light Passenger Side
012 - Electrical Fault in Circuit - Intermittent
And then i clear them they did not come back. All the lights are working well. Puddle lights and door warning lights working well. I did alot to reactivate One Touch option (Even the book says try to put your key to the doorlock and try to lock the car and keep there 2 seconds it will re activate ur windows . I tried roll down and wait 2 seconds then roll up wait 2 seconds. Did not work.) I do believe that One touch option is a button option and the botton keeps that in the memory. I do not know but i just feel like it can not be a coding issue . And i dont have any wrong code either.) Is there any other way to fix that freaking problem ? ( btw when i look at the VCDS

While i am pushing the windows down or up button it says Auto Roll activated. As soon as i stop pushing the button it says deactivated.)

I dont know what else i need to do. I need your help. Thank you in advance.
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