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2009 CC Luxury - Mesh sunroof shade is sagging!

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My wife has a 2009 VW CC Luxury... lovely car BTW!

Anyways, her sunroof has the roll-up mesh sunvisor/shade. It's coming off the track, sagging on one side, and getting difficult of open. We live in Florida, so having that mesh helps cut the afternoon sun otherwise I'd remove it completely. I'd also rather not have a cutout aftermarket insert to place in the cavity to block the sun. The dealer wants over $1k to fix, which is too much IMHO, so I'd like to tackle a repair or replacement myself. I've spent some time search this forum and others places and there doesn't seem to be a lot of people with the mesh sunshade or with issues with sagging.

Anyone have this issue? What was your solution?

As a complete last resort, we're thinking about doing limo/blackout tint on the glass interior if the mesh cannot be repaired. It wouldn't be ideal because we're sunny in Florida most of the year.
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Well... it's about $200-300 through the dealer, and requires dropping the entire fabric headliner to gain access to from my brief moment of research. Looks like you're either paying someone to do it, or dropping the headliner yourself and fixing it up.
Same issue here in N Fl. Same year Vr6 4 mo edition.
Dealer also quoted me $1000. So much for my 7 year warranty.
If you come up with a solution plese post it up for the rest of us.
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