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Hi everybody. My wife bought a used '08 over the summer and this is our first winter with the car. Overall, the car has been good to her, but something that has caused a great deal of stress and irritation is how long it takes to "warm up" in the morning - i.e. remove all the frost from the outside of the windshield and two front windows so she can see to drive. We are not fortunate enough to have a garage so the car is exposed to all of the overnight weather conditions. This is no exaggeration - I literally have to start and idle the car 20+ minutes before she leaves for work just to get a clear spot on the windshield about 1' tall and 3' wide. Her previous vehicle only took about 5 minutes for the same amount of frost.

So far, we have not even had any actual snow/ice to deal with, only heavy frost - and I cannot even imagine how frustrating this is going to be when we have to attempt to melt 1/4" of ice from the glass. My car (non-VW) has always had less-than-impressive winter warm-up time, but this one is a whole new level of bad. Even our old beater farm truck works better.

Now, once warmed-up (20+ mins), the heat seems to work fine and keep her plenty warm on her commute. The rear defrost element works great and so do the heated seats. It's just the part that is supposed to clear the windshield that is greatly underperforming.

Maybe related, in the cooler fall weather, mainly at night, this car also has a terrible tendency to "fog up" the front windshield while driving - and takes a long time to clear off once the fan is turned up.

Please help! I do have a little bit of experience with car repair but really not a "Volkswagen guy" and in fact this is the first VW I have ever been required to work on or interact with. One thing for sure, this is a big deal for my wife and therefore it is a big deal for me. Thank you.
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