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Hi all

I have a 2007 model 2.0 tdi with an automatic DSG gearbox with 125k miles.

I recently had to change a front track rod end and when I took it in for the tracking to be set the guy pointed out severe inner tyre wear on both rears. He tried to adjust the rear camber but it was siezed solid and said the bushes will need to be changed.

He didn't say which bushes... but looking online I think it's the outer lower control arm bushes. Is that right? and are there any others which need to be changed before taking it back to be adjusted? There is no play when I wiggle the various suspension components on the rear, and given the age and mileage of the car, I'd rather not spend money on or mess about with bushes if I don't have to...

This is also my first diesel car.... and it puffs out a nice plume of dark smoke if I put my foot down. I've read that this could be caused by a dirty air filter or blocked EGR, but both appear to be relatively clean in my not extensive experience. Is there anything else that causes this or is it normal?
The car pulls well and the turbo doesn't make any off noises.

Was there a date cut off between these cars using the 6 or 12 spline EPB motors? I need to replace mine as they have cracked and siezed but the damn torx bolts have been stripped so I can't remove one to check before ordering..... Any tips for getting these off?? I was considering using a dremmel to cut a slot in the head and see if I can get it off using a flat head screwdriver but I am open to all suggestions.

Thanks for any input.
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