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I think that I am about to pull the trigger on a 2.0 manual Value Edition as my daily driver (replace an 02 Focus ZTS), and I may consider trying to run the car in SCCA SOLO2 in the GS class--I can upgrade to any 16x7 wheel, but the offset can not vary from stock by more than +/-.25". What would that OE wheel offset be?

How wide a tire does the B6 accept on a near-stock offset wheel without rubbing. 245? 255? Bigger still?

As for dampers, I understand that the Passat is now based on the Jetta platform. As it seems as of now there are very limited choices for aftermarket dampers (e.g. Koni etc.) for the Passat, would 06 Jetta fittments work? As long as they physically fit the car, the damping should be adequate as the Passat is not that much heavier than the Jetta.

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