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good morning fellas

I have looked on the site and can't find much about my particular issue. Recently bought an 06 passat, 2.o L, and love the little rig

Previous owner was young and seemed to care pretty well for it, but unloaded it on me, after the fact i realize

Its my second vw and I am confident in the german engineering but realize on this my wrenching ability is quite hampered in comparison to what I normally would do

So, I have established a rapore with a local shop who does very high end work, mercedes/bmw/porche/ferrari/lambo/rovers, they bragged about their computer detection/service cost $300k and they can do 'anything'

I took the car in soon after purchase as the CEL light came on, and since I had no record, they looked into it
came out to be the high pressure fuel pump was gone...or going, they took it out as the shaft was sheering and as i read, that was probably due
previous records on the car was with recent timing belt and all other services to date was good

so after $2300, i took her home and after the 3rd start up, the CEL came on
It runs perfect, so I drove it, and it runs perfect
I ran it by to have the computer read and it ran a P000A code
Again, it starts and runs perfect, gas mileage is great
No leaks
No hesitations, runs like new, has 130k miles

After a few weeks now, i notice the CEL goes off, and my wife notes the CEL to come on after she turned the cruise on for running on the highway
and after she turned the cruise off, and parking and doing errands, the CEL light goes off
run without the cruise, and the CEL stays off
run the cruise, the CEL 'tends' to come on, within a quarter mile or so
and stays on for a few starts, but then goes off

and the other day, the CEL had been of a while, and i ran the window wipers and the CEL light comes on again

again, it runs perfect
I mentioned it to my repairman and he didn't really think there was a corollary but I have a hard time believing it and after spending $2300 I want to be careful about sending the car back in

so is there some relay/sensor/fault in the column or a circuit or am I missing a common problem you all have a recommendation for?

thanks again

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did you say you did get a new fuel pump? i would be looking in that area , i have a 2.0t recently changed cam follower which had a hole in it , a little scarring on the fuel pump rod but dodged a bullet there, i joke with my wife that the vw leave the factory with the mil light on, i have had one for two years, on evap purge , changed a bunch of stuff but still on. good luck to you.
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