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2006 passat 2.0tdi 140BHP very smoky, changed MAF and EGR But still smokes

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Hi Guys, I have 2006 2.0tdi 140BHP passat it has 132K miles on the clock. There is a lot of black smoke coming out. I don’t even have to accelerate hard and it smokes a hell.
1st thing I tough will be one of the hoses split open, but there is no any whistling sound or any oil coming out from any of the hoses.
I unplugged the MAF and couldn’t see much of a difference in power so I thought bingo. Ordered the new one from a dealer put it in and to my biggest disappointment nothing changed.
I took my car to the garage and asked them to find the fault. The guy plugged it in and found out that it is loosing air pressure. He looked at all the hoses and also couldn’t see any air leeks. So he told me that it will definitely be the EGR valve. (I have got electric valve NOT vacuum.)
I have ordered EGR valve from a dealer and installed it today, but to my even bigger disappointment now it is even worst than it was with the old EGR :banghead:. I drove around 20 miles and it is still the same.
Can it be that the new EGR valve needs to be programmed to the system or similar? Any help please?

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Could be the the oil seals in the turbo are gone and pushing oil into engine.
Check all the O-rings around the clip connectors for the boost pipes.

Also check out for a large knowledgeable crowd
Thanks. I was thinking that it may be oil seals, but I was monitoring oil level
For some time know and it is not getting lower. Also I think it would be blue smoke and I get black smoke
Hi, thanks for the advice. Any ideas how I can find out how many o-rings there is in total and location of them, so I wouldn't miss any?
And thanks for the link I will have a look. I may find some usefull info

Black smoke ? than there is no problem, where you buying diesel from? , get some from BP or Shell, they sell good quality diesel,im driving 2006 passat and there is no smoke at all, only when accelerating hard!
Change air,and diesel filters!
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