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2006 b6, Mystery Cord!

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I recently bought a 2006 b6 2.0T without any auxiliary plugs for mp3 players or ipods. I was thinking about replacing the whole stereo, but then I found a mystery 12 pin connector hanging from the CD compartment in the glovebox.
Does anybody know what this is? Is it possible to convert this into an auxiliary or micro USB so I can play tunes through my phone without replacing the whole stereo? Pictures below:

Thanks in advance!
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I found out the cord must be from a 6 cd changer that used to be in the "CD" compartment (makes sense). Found a couple contenders for conversion kits, but not sure if they are correct:

Genuine VW / Audi AUX JACK ADAPTER (000-051-444-M / 000051444M)

I would rather get the first one since it's $100 cheaper and I don't even have an ipod, but there's really no description on the website. Has anyone done the same type of conversion with the cd changer cord?
any update? I was considering the USA Spec for my '03 wagon.
Actually yes. I found this page iPod iPhone Aux USB Guide – Volswagen Passat 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 « enfigcarstereo's Knowlege Blog and ended up going with this: BlitzSafe VW/AUX DMX V.3A

I had to email Enfig because they all say not compatible with the non-nav radio, but I was told that this was false and the one I got works great.

Not sure if these will work with a 2003, but the same website probably has a similar page for earlier models.
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