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The front passenger roof drain plugged up, flooded the car and the interior fan, washer pump, wipers, and dash went on the fritz. Cleaned the drain, dried the passenger floor carpeting and electrical connectors. The dash was good after a couple more days, part of which I had a fan blowing up under the driver dash panel. The wipers worked now. The fan still did not work in any position, nor the washer pump. The a/c pump engaged when I pressed the button for it.

I discovered I only had 3.45vdc to the fan. I checked all the fuses which were good. I replaced the fan switch box after I opened it and saw very worn contacts. The button lites for the ac, etc, lit up fine when pressed on the original so don't think it can't be bad because they work.
I still had the same probs. I swapped the 460 relays under the dash, no luck. I pulled the washer pump and tested it since its on the same general circuit. It was fine. I pulled the driver side fuse panel cover and tested voltage s on fuses 40, 41, 42. In the manual fuse 39 is listed for the fan but 41 was the fuse for the fan on mine. Yes, there are some big changes depending on the part of the model year your car was produced. 40 and 42 are related to the fan circuit. They all had 3.45vdc on both sides of the fuses. I decided to open a trouble ticket with after I combed over 3 different VW forums.

After starting a fee based ticket with them, I was told to check the 460 relay, pull it and check the voltage, short out the two large blade connections on the power panel they connect in and see if the fan ran and also the voltage on the fuses. No luck. The mechanic then said to check F53, a 50A fuse under the hood in the main box. NO F53! I had a F52, 50A. The mechanic contacted the VW factory and he found out that then there are 4 wiring possibilities and fuse setups for my 08/2005 production 2006 model under the hood! I bought a 50A fuse and installed it in F53. Still no luck. I remembered on this forum and VWVortex that a couple people had to disconnect the battery to help reset the relay panels and computer chips, so I did. The online mechanic said he wanted to clear his head and do some more research and I needed a break so we stopped. I went back out after my online mechanic contacted me again, reconnected the battery, and checked the driver side fuse panel... I had 13vdc there now on both sides of the fuses! I hooked the fan up and all 4 speeds worked!

The thing I'd do better if troubleshooting this again would be to check the fan connector and driver side fuse voltages right after making sure the fuses weren't blown. There is no explanation for why I had a working system with a missing fuse under the hood and an extra there.
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