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2005 WRX STi interior

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They're learning...
Show me the 2004 one? It looks the same to me, iirc (which is probably not correct :p ).
It's similar, but that pic has a console that's more like the new legacy, and a different wheel.

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I thought the Impreza/WRX were getting this revised dash layout as well?? In any case, this is the same dash as the Saab 9-2X, although right hand drive.
hmm, thats not too bad!
That's correct. All imprezas have this new center console and other minor other changes. Some of the control knobs are a little different on the lower end models. You can see the 2005 WRX interior on No more MOMO 4-spoke :( The WRX and WRX STI now have the same wheel, just with red stiching and an STI badge differentiating them.
Cant say I dont like the interior....but I cant say I like it too much either. Even with the "updates"

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Hey, it now has a radio :thumbup:
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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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