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2005 Passat 1.8t broken vacuum line down by turbo

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On the passenger side of the engine beside the turbo towards the centre there is a silver coloured metal object that looks like a vacuum pot with a hose coming off the front of it.

The hose is about 7 inched long and mine has what looks like a broken right angle plastic fitting in it. I cannot find where this would be attached nor do I know what it does.

Any help would be great.
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I am guessing ... do you mean the wastegate? It should go to the N75 which has three vac/air connections (one of which attaches it to the intake hose).
Thanks! Yes it is the wastegate, big duh on my part. Long hot day is my excuse.

If you could help a bit more ,where is the N75 valve mounted?
One of the N75 ports goes into the intake hose, so that is where it should be, on the intake hose, right next to the PRV (looks like a hockey puck from the top).

There should be an electrical connector thereabouts, which should help you orient the N75 properly.
Long hot day is my excuse.
Hot day and "Location: Canada" ? Does not compute :)
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