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Hi Folks, first of all thank you for all the information on this site, very usefull!!! but i've searched quite a bit and could not find a solution to my problem...

I've got a 2.0l petrol passat (b5 2005 model) and on initial accelleration there is a short sucking air sound (from around the throttle body i think) and on take off its staggering to take off....once it reaches higher revs (ie above 1500rpms) it works fine just on idling revs when i accellerate or drive off from lights etc...

could it be the thorttle body or something else/wrose? i appreciate any help on this as its driving me mad, ive checked all the hoses etc no breaks and not sure to where next

just in case not sure if they came out with turbos but this is a non-turbo model...:)
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