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Up for sale:
2004 W8 - 6sp Manual Sedan.
Exterior - Pacific Blue
Interior - Gray
Rarity scale - 1 of 17 produced for 2004 model year. (1 of 35 of all produced 2003 & 2004 combined - of same options)

Price: $5k firm.
Currently only listed here in this forum.

The story:
3 owners.
I purchased this car July 1, 2019 from member JayTheSnork. He purchased it from another member.
I took delivery of the car on July 13, 2019.
I purchased this car because I wanted a decent W8, it became available and I had the cash laying around for it.
I'm going to be straight up honest, the Pacific Blue color I just could never get into it. It looks awesome, I just personally prefer a black on black W8 sedan.

No accidents ever with this car.

Here is the link from JayTheSnork when I purchased the car and with all the info.

2004 W8 6mt...

Since I have owned the car:
Oil changes - Mobil1 - 15w-50 full synthetic.
I only use Mann filters.
2 months ago I changed out the electrically controlled thermostat (under intake manifold).
I also changed out all 3 coolant temp sensors at time the thermostat was changed.
There are NO CEL's since the thermostat and coolant sensors have been changed.
Top of the line Interstate MZT AGM battery about a year old.

This car is in the exact same condition as when I purchased it 2 years ago.

Minor problems list - also present when I purchased it.
Slight display cluster fade in extreme temps.
The a/c has an error stored, probably a flap position code, but the a/c blows COLD.
Front end has a slight clunk in it coming from the coil-overs. I was never able to get under it and resolve it.
The suspension and steering are tight so it's not that. This car does very well in excess of 120mph.

The Thor belly pan is included with the car, however with the thermostat and coolant temp sensor change along with the last oil change I was not able to get the belly pan back on.
Since my epic fall and fracturing both my hip and pelvis earlier this year I am still not able to lay on the ground to do any wrenching.

The tires only have a couple thousand more miles on them since I bought the car. (see note about tires in the link)

The one big bummer for me, car only has 1 key FOB.
When the car was delivered to me the ass-clown truck driver took the shipping packet with all of my paperwork (including title of the car) and all of the original keys and FOB's.
Never to be seen or heard from since.
I tried to resolved this matter with the trucking company, but as it turned out, the trucking company turned out to be a bunch of shysters and they basically just corn-holed me. I'm still mad as hell about that.

The car has been in storage since I replaced the coolant sensors and thermostat, I'm going to get it this weekend.
Pictures will be posted this weekend.
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