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Hi All,

I search this forum and googled but I haven't found the torque specs for my 2004 Passat GLX V6 2.8 FWD- Front Driver's CV Axle.
I bought new bolts for the inner and a new 17mm bolt for the outer and I'd want to torque them down correctly.

What I found this far in existing posts was inconsistent.
The specs referred to were either 1.8L engines, TDI and/or different model years, etc.

Does anyone have the specs for the 2004 Passat GLX V6 2.8 FWD- Front Driver's CV Axle?


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Measure the diameter of the threaded part of the shaft (e.g., M14 = 14mm dia):

1. Axle nut:

Bolt M14: 115 Nm and turn 180°further
Bolt M16: 190 Nm and turn 180°further

2. Inner shaft bolts:

Tighten using diagonal sequence to 10 Nm
M8 x48; 40 Nm
M10 x 48; 77 Nm

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The V6 uses the larger bolts. For ft/lbs, the inner bolts are 59, the outer is 140+ 1/2 turn.
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