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Once again, we will be producing calendars that are made of actual member rides.

First things first...we need pictures! We are looking for unique and NICE pictures, so that gives all of you folks with the stock rides a chance on getting in.

Some of you might think it is a bit early, but this gives everyone enough time to take some new, unique pics.

We are looking for the following:

1) Uniquness.
Do you have an idea on a funky looking picture that has a Passat in it? The ngood, thats what we're looking for. This isn't a MUST, but it sure will help your odds on getting into the calendar.

2) Seasonal.
We would like to see some snow pics (for winter) and maybe some desert pics (for summer). So all of you that live in areas with extreme seasons, start snapping some pics!

3) Quality.
This is very important. You might have the nicest picture of a Passat ever taken, but if the actualy quality of the pic isn't perfect, we cannot submit it. Stay away from all gif's and some jpg's. Bitmap, Illustrator and photoshop files are the best.

4) Resolution.
The BIGGER the BETTER. It is always easier to shrink a picture than it is to blow up a picture. Keep this in mind when taking your pictures. HUGE, we want HUGE!

Submitting Pictures
1) Email them to me
2) In the subject area, PLEASE put "For 2004 Calendar" This will make my life A LOT easier, and will help me keep everything organized.

No deadline has been set yet, but keep checking back here to make sure you get me your pics before then.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here (what I recommend) or email me.

Happy snapping!

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Congratulations to last year's winners!

Cover: quailallstar
January: hizay
February: j, crd99, reason
March: mr_brent
April: crd99
May: vw20v18t
June: jroo_vw
July: eurofan
August: jwil
September: simbany1
October: salty d
November: cway27
December: Ubergrrl
Back Cover: Blownaway

We will try and give others a chance to get in the 2004 calendar by not choosing the same members' cars as last year, BUT, that doesn't mean your chances to get into next years calendar are done. IF your pic is TOO good/unique to keep out, then by all means will we put it in next years calendar.

Also, promoting Club B5 in some way in the pic is another big plus. Example...windsheild banners, creative pic with a Passat and a Club B5 T-Shirt...etc. Use your imaginations! No rules here except safety...we are not promoting any type of stunts here. The more "daring" the pic doesn't mean it'll get in. Snap at your own risk.


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the easiest would probably be to just send them ALL to me at once so we dont have to play email tag later...etc.

If theres a problem with them, or one of them, I can also let you know right away...etc.
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