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2004 B5.5 v6 GLX Not starting

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So, I was head down the highway at 40MPH, she shudders and engine cuts off. This was in LA on Sunday. Towed it back home to SD last night and tarted doing my research.

117K miles, timing belt at 97K, battery is good, fuel pump is good, relays are good, fuses are good. Checked cam pos sensors and both are good and their harnesses are both reading the appropriate values, no shorts there either. I'm at a loss of what to check besides the Camshaft Adjustment Bank 1: Malfunction. I don't know what or where that is and google hasn't helped much. Here's what I've got going on. Cheers.

Fault codes:

- 17927 - 17927/P1519/005401 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 17746 - 17746/P1338/004920 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 17800 - 17800/P1392/005010 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 16684 - 16684/P0300/000768 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 16685 - 16685/P0301/000769 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 16687 - 16687/P0303/000771 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 16686 - 16686/P0302/000770 - Ross-Tech Wiki
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How would I be able to tell if the pads were the problem or the whole CCT assembly? Thanks for the insight. I'm gonna be working on this slowly bc of my schedule, but I'll try to keep updates posted.
I also agree with PZ.
Do NOT crank the engine again until this has been resolved, further damage would be likely.
I expect you already have a broken CCT pad, and some bent valves in bank 1. (US passenger side)

Also check the TB tensioner.
I don't plan on cranking anything until I've broke her down. I've noticed no one mentioned any thing electrical, Should I be checking anything else?
Well shit.

Bad news. The tensioner pad was literally missing from under the chain. Plastic Pieces everywhere. See below. Where do I even start?

CCT Fucked - Album on Imgur
Yikes- and such a clean engine too. On the plus side, there must be a lot of good used V6 heads around by now. As my friend the mechanic used to say, "it's just bolts".

Yea... I'm pretty new to this, but if there's a book or diy I could follow outside of Haynes I'd like to give this a shot. I've it friends who know their way around an engine and I work on avionics in the navy so I'm used to following detailed instructions. Lol. Can you advise me what to look for?
You have a broken chain, a damaged CCT, and you can be pretty sure you have bent valves in bank 1.
There could be other bank 1 damage such as cracked head and damaged pistons.

The exhaust cam being jammed by the chain could have caused the TB to jump teeth, you should check bank 2 timing.
If the belt has lost timing, bank 2 valves etc could also be damaged. I don't think this is very likely but should be checked before repairing bank 1.
I'm looking at parts now to replace them, and I'm waiting on an inspection camera from a friend. I'm gonna check the TB here soon, gotta get her into the service position. How can I check the timing on bank 2? I'm a noob to this stuff but I really can't afford a mech.

How can I inspect the valves? (The next reply says with an air compressor and spark plug adapter) but. I want to inspect the Pistons, the cam shafts, the valves, and anything else. Can I remove the cams and the retaining hardware? What can I remove to continue inspecting this? I can't find anything about removing the cams without messing up the timing.

I'm tempted to buy the Bentley unless you guys know another resource I could use.
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