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2004 B5.5 v6 GLX Not starting

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So, I was head down the highway at 40MPH, she shudders and engine cuts off. This was in LA on Sunday. Towed it back home to SD last night and tarted doing my research.

117K miles, timing belt at 97K, battery is good, fuel pump is good, relays are good, fuses are good. Checked cam pos sensors and both are good and their harnesses are both reading the appropriate values, no shorts there either. I'm at a loss of what to check besides the Camshaft Adjustment Bank 1: Malfunction. I don't know what or where that is and google hasn't helped much. Here's what I've got going on. Cheers.

Fault codes:

- 17927 - 17927/P1519/005401 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 17746 - 17746/P1338/004920 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 17800 - 17800/P1392/005010 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 16684 - 16684/P0300/000768 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 16685 - 16685/P0301/000769 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 16687 - 16687/P0303/000771 - Ross-Tech Wiki

- 16686 - 16686/P0302/000770 - Ross-Tech Wiki
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I also agree with PZ.
Do NOT crank the engine again until this has been resolved, further damage would be likely.
I expect you already have a broken CCT pad, and some bent valves in bank 1. (US passenger side)

Also check the TB tensioner.
You have a broken chain, a damaged CCT, and you can be pretty sure you have bent valves in bank 1.
There could be other bank 1 damage such as cracked head and damaged pistons.

The exhaust cam being jammed by the chain could have caused the TB to jump teeth, you should check bank 2 timing.
If the belt has lost timing, bank 2 valves etc could also be damaged. I don't think this is very likely but should be checked before repairing bank 1.
Adding on to what ylwagon said...
If you look at the center of the cam sprockets you'll see a diamond shape piece, these should both be in the same position on both sides of the engine.
On your car you'll also notice the holes on the diamond shaped piece, one of the holes is smaller than the other. So lets say the smaller of the two holes on the diamond shape piece is at 12 o'clock on one side of the engine it should be at 12 o'clock on the other side. At this point in time you can check the condition of the belt.

View attachment 66698
Please take more care when offering advice on critical systems.
When the small hole on one side is at 12 o'clock, the small hole on the other side should be at 6 o'clock.

The small hole on one side should always be at the same time as the large hole on the other side.
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