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Whoops. Same person here.forgot to finish.
Issue car is having. My cars reservoir, slowly, over weeks diminishes. Down to a little below the fill line (radiator light flashes, i fill it up w pink , then orange coolant for vw passat on the way home from ca.)
There is white gunk (Foam) in overflow tank for the last 2 months.
checking the oil, shows NO water, NO milky anything to be concerned about . Its a tad low but not out. Ive had it lower.. Maybe looks 1/2in on dipstick after wiping, reinserting, & checking. .
Lastnight on the way home full tank of (pilot gas station97 octane) gas, it started jumping at 30-50mph. On the way home Freeway and town. 15 miles rt.
No warning lights came on. Temperature was on 0 then it went up a tad, but still below 20 . Then back down. Its never overheated. (This & no milky in coolant or why blown head hasket doesnt seem likely) my heater also works perfect. Although i hear gurgling flow into heater core noises..
It started jumping only 1 min. From my house. So i went home parked. Thought maybe i didnt tighten my spark plugs when i changed them out in dec. In jan i drove from wa. To ca. At 185k mileage. No issues at all. Smooth ride till lastnight?! This morning. I start it and all lights flash make a weirder noise but. Still not turning over and i dont want to attempt damaging the engine.
Anyone know what the issue is. Would air bubbles cause a no start, it doesnt smell of rotten eggs could it be catalytic converter anyhow. Any info helpfull
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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