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2004 1.8t exhaust failed for being too loud

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Good evening all,

Just got a 2004 1.8t fwd and the inspection station said it has an exhaust leak and is too loud. The leak is up front near the flex pipe. Pardon me for terminology if I'm wrong.
Well I went to the usual websites like rock auto and German parts and saw the catalytic converter for about $300 shipped to my door. Now I truly dislike advanced auto as well as auto zone but in due diligence I checked their sites and found that they have a Walker exhaust for an exact fit, not a should fit, universal fit. I've had past success with Walker.
Would the forum regulars be able to give me advice place to this noob from Massachusetts? What else, gaskets, new hardware, etc..?
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Why do you want to replace the cat if the flex is bad? Just change the flex, you need to go to a muffler shop.
If it's a gasket near the cat, just replace the gasket.
If your flex pipe is cracked, check your engine mounts for leaks.
Purple fluid staining the bottom of the mounts means they're shot.
Check German Auto Parts for what you need. They generally have a good reputation.
Wow, thanks for the good advice. Reading forums is like reading the sky is falling sometimes. Just the flexi, I'll replace t that.
An exhaust shop should be able to cut out the bad flex, weld in a new one, and send you on your way without even having to drop the exhaust.

And x2 on the motor mounts! If you DIY at all, it's a pretty easy job requiring a minimum of tools. (For brands of mount, if you are stock, go VW or Corteco (reported to be the OEM). The cheapie aftermarket brands do not have a sterling reputation for longevity.)
I think OEM for the side mounts are Lemforder. Front snub is Corteco. Not a big deal, Corteco is a good company, just keep in mind that the side mounts are fluid filled. Most aftermarket (read "cheap") are just plain rubber mounts.
I do all my own wrenching to a point. of course most of my experience is with air cooled over head valve motors running one cam but still... in one way the German stuff is easier because it makes sense but nowadays there are lots of items in the way of stuff. I mean to say the timing belt on this car, the front license plate, bumper cover and bumper frame are in the way. Lol
On a motorcycle, mine anyway, you drop cam cover, cam plate and it's right there,a chain on some gears. Easy peasy.
Thanks again team!
Just a small break. I added a 2 inch coupling and two clamps, $20 layer and my sticker was approved.

Sucks when newbies come to forum ask for advice and never come back. Belated but hey Beyer late than never. :)


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