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2003 VW Passat v6 "ABS" Warning lights. Does the warning bulb EVER burn out ?

What is up with the ABS warning light on the dash.
Sometimes it comes on as soon as i start the car, other times 3 out of 10 starts it comes on 1/2 mile down the street.
I love the car but i have heard the ABS Systems are crap, Air bag controller system i guess.
Is this an easy fix or do i have to take it to a shop along with a can of anal lube ?
The heater core i noticed has been blocked off at the firewall, and i heard that might have screwed something up before ii bought the car
If i go to a wrecking yard and take one of these controllers out of the same car as mine, will it work ?
Or will my car experience a mental condition since i replaced the screwed up ABS module with one from another vehicle..different VIN number that is.
I live in Huntington Beach, California and i am surrounded by wrecking yards, it's pretty much a pocket item after $3 yard fee so I've heard.
Anybody know if these crap piles can be rebuilt, i refuse to get raped by these auto repair shops in town.
Their smiles on their faces when you pay always creeps me out, reminds me of Hillary Clinton and that smile she always had, same shit, different salesman.
Thanks for the help, and yes i had a few beers before this, I'm still celebrating the Trump victory, at least for the moment ?
Never know what Obama will do next, sorta like this car and its magical problems it thinks i should have in my life.
Sorry i forgot to mention, I am an American but i do own a car from Germany, Trump is my President !
As if it's really mattered the last 100 years who becomes President, they are here to control all US slaves that pay taxes to them.
I love everybody, life goes on folks, it's not like Hillary was going to fix my ABS unit, this "deplorable" can handle fixing my own things.
Hillary Who ?? Later guys. Sorry if none of this made any sense, read it slower, i apologize for my insanity, 6 beers later.

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I've never seen a thread from the Noob Tube need transferring to the Black Hole Forum, but I suppose there can always be a first. :poke:

Get a second post under your belt so the system will grant you permission to post in other areas of Passatworld. Then start a thread about this problem in the B5 Garage Forum. You'll get more views there and more help.

First scan the ABS module to see what trouble codes are associated with your ABS warning light. Until you do that, it's all just guessing.

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Whew! Yes, we have a forum for the political mumbo jumbo, the black hole. Best tip for getting quality advice. Don't bad mouth the car or design. We all know the shortcomings of it, we're all here to help with it.

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