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Hello. I just bought a Passat from my neighbor. It has issues and I am trying to repair it to drive.
They drove it until they were having transmission problems and after that they put it in the garage and left it.
All the signs point to it having a TCM issue. So I bought one and put it in. The next issue is the cracked coolant reservoir. So I replaced that part. When I was test driving it, it started to overheat again. Put it in my driveway and saw that the water came out. Searched high and low and discovered a leak at the connection on the lower radiator hose. So, I have ordered that part.
The passenger side door handle doesn't work from that outside.
The antenna on the roof is disconnected.

I don't know if the transmission problem is solved yet as I overheated. It seemed to lag at initial acceleration tho.

I am hoping that the radiator hose and new reservoir will solve the overheating problem.
And of course, the transmission.

Anybody have instructions or ideas as to how to repair any of these issues?

Thank you, H
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