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2003 GLX Engine Smoke. Help needed

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Hello from freezing cold Minnesota,
above you can find the link for a video of the problem I currently have. Actually, it’s been going on for about a year now. After I start the car, there’s smoke coming out of the Engine. Do you know what that could be ? Is it dangerous ? The car drives well but when I turn the car off, there’s a burnt smell coming from under the hood. When the ac is running I sometimes get waves of burned smell thrown at me.

thank you for your help in advance
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Yeah. Likely your cam seals are leaking oil, which falls down on the hot exhaust.

You’ll need to reseal the top end of the motor to fix the issue. Valve covers, cam seals, tensioner gaskets.
is that something a mechanic has to do or can I do that myself ?
After watching the video, it sure seems to mimic leaking cam seals.
That engine doesn't sound very healthy either. A lot of clacking going on. What's your oil level at?
i need to check. I will call my mechanic tomorrow and schedule an appointment.
I wanted to get an oil change this month anyways.
these freezing temperatures currently here are also very frustrating. Car barely starts after standing outside for a night.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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