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2002 vw passat 1.8 timing

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Well I'm having what I believe is a timing issue on my car. My dad was using my car and the radiator busted which then ripped a hole in the radiator then lost all the antifreeze but he kept still driving it unaware of the problem until last minute which ended up blowing the head gasket. As of yesterday I got the new head and head gasket installed along with a new timing belt kit with the metal impeller water pump not that plastic shit. Now to the problem. The problem I'm having is the car will not start until the second to fourth attempt. Once it starts it run with no problem beside throwing a p0341 Camshaft Position Sensor "A" Circuit Range/Performance. I never had this code before until I got the car back together. I thought maybe the Camshaft sensor was going out so I robbed one off of my other passat and it's still throwing that code. I believe it's timing related but my problem is where in the hell is the crankshaft timing mark I found it on the harmonic balancer but I can't find it anywhere on the engine.
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I thought those are only to make sure that the intake and exhaust cams are in time which they are. I think the crankshaft is not in time with the head.
Nuclearseal I did look for the timing mark on the lower cover and I never could find it
So I unhooked my Camshaft Position Sensor and without my car start up with no problem. I'm stumped now. Does anyone have any ideas
I take that back its still doing it. This weekend I'm going to take a look at the timing. I will let you know what I find
I'm aware of that part I always rotate the engine by hand before trying to start it just to ensure I don't hit any valves.
Tomvw you have a very good point about that I never thought of that. I will have keep that in mind for now on.
I think I found the problem guys if you count the rollers there only 15. Tomorrow I'm gonna jump it up a tooth and see what happens.


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Yeah you actually did count 14 I marked it wrong when editing it on my phone and the tensioner was actually all the way out itsome the angle of the picture. But I jump the chain up and tooth and that fixed my problem. No more cel and hard start. I also wanna thank all of you for taking your time and helping me out with this problem.
Yeah I will have to say I got lucky with this. I would hate to have to tear the head off again
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