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The time has come, I'm putting my 2002 V6 GLX Tiptronic Sedan up for sale.
I am the only owner of this car, it currently has about 86,000mi on it - low for its age.

The exterior/paint color is Silverstone Gray Metallic. The interior is Black.

Aside from installing a badgeless grill (original included), and taping off the daytime-running-lights contact on the headlight switch, there have been no modifications/customizations made to this car. It is stock - no bags, no suspension mods, no crazy wheel offsets, engine/ecu tuning, or anything of the sort that would in any way compromise the vehicles intended integrity. Not that I never wanted to do all of this and more, and not that this car wouldn't make a great platform for it - it was just never a priority for me.

In the 13 years I've owned it, little aside from routine maintenance has been needed - but for the record, these include an alternator, belts, belt tensioner, an O2 sensor, water pump, miscellaneous smog plumbing, and valve cover gaskets, also new aftermarket stock-like headlights (nothing fancy - no LEDs, etc). The car is due for new motor mounts. The tires are about 6 months old.

As with any 13 year old car, there are a few things that could use a going-over - the burl trim on the door handles is showing age, as is the gear selector knob - there is a technique for peeling off the clearcoat and restoring these items (search this forum). The head unit LCD is getting sketchy and the CD player seems to have a flaw - a lot has changed in 13 years, a new aftermarket head unit would be the better alternative, and there are plenty to choose from which match the aesthetics of the car. The servo that controls the climate mix/damper is showing signs of failure (a common issue in these cars) as it searches for whatever it thinks is the right air mixture - the heater and A/C still work very well. The right-bank O2 sensor needs replacing - an easy fix as I'd done the other one years ago...this issue triggers a check-engine light which means it's a must-fix for smog. Finally, the ABS computer is starting to fail - another common problem in these cars that is reasonably easy to repair at a nominal cost for a rebuild.

I'm going to start the 'ask' at $4000, but I'm seriously entertaining offers. I'd prefer to sell in the San Francisco Bar Area and would be happy to discuss the particulars of this car with anyone interested.

(3/9: couple of edits - 86k not 85k miles & new headlights)
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