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2002 Passat Wagon 2.4L
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I've been trying to solve this problem from the moment I joined Passat World. I had also listed other issues hoping they would somehow be connected. Apparently Not! I do wish to thank all of you who contributed to solving those issues (like the Cruise Control mystery)
I'm now back to my initial problem Bank 2 Sensor 2 No activity. 0160 error code. But this time after speaking with a few mechanics, which claimed from their experience, after having O2 sensor problems and changing it '3' times only to find out the problem was the fuse all along!

.Apparently the error code only appears after driving for 5 to 10 minutes, not right away. You would think, if it was a fuse, you would get the error code right then and there. but No! It takes a while.
How do I know that for sure? Easy
I unplugged the sensor and drove for about 20 minutes before the engine light came on then read the engine codes
So now after testing all those fuses on the drivers side dash (left side) I'm stumped to find it.
Found this but nothing about O2 sensor.....
Any help greatly appreciated


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Trace and back probe the O2 sensor wiring to the ECU to check for continuity.

Download the repair manual PDF I have in my B5.5 google drive and look through the wiring diagrams starting on page 140. The 2.8l should start around page 185

Elsewhere in the 10k plus page guide, there are procedures on how to back probe.
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