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I have had this vehicle for 15 years, tried my best to maintain it as prescribed. Engine has 156K, 1st timing belt change @ 81000, was planning on the next one at 160,000, so decided to get new vehicle. On the ride back from purchase, belt popped. Don't know if it's bad belt, or something locked up (cam chain, water pump, tensioner, etc...
Just know I now have an immovable object. Car has many usable parts, AC was plenty cold, recent tensioner work, was getting 33MPG, tiptronic, leather seats still in great shape, sound system fine, tires still have 15K left, sunroof....on a cool day, you can still read the display on the dashboard....;-)..think this is a great project for all u guys who might have that engine over in the corner, looking for a good home. Charcoal grey. Trying to do the organ donor thing.....know she's happy to help. Looking for just above salvage value...$600. Tallahassee area. Out of contact til 7/1, but all emails/messages read asap. Thanx.


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