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I think I know the answer, but let me know what you guys think:

Over the last couple of days, I've noticed that when I turn the volume on the monsoon down to mute, I get the regular "beep" but when turning the volume back up, I sometimes I would get a "beep" (or two sometimes), like I was turning it down to mute, but in fact was turning the volume up.
I thought nothing of that until today, when I noticed that the fader control, and the balance control were not functional, however the bass,mid,treble controls still work. AND when I turn the volume down to mute, I no longer get a 'beep', however the display does show 'mute'. Once the volume is muted, turning up the volume has no effect unless you power the head unit off. Once you power it back on, the volume controls work fine again, and all the speakers seem to be functional, unless you turn it down to mute, where it stops responding again. The results are the same with the actual knob, or the steering wheel controls.

So, bad HU ?

thanks, Dan
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