On the high side but...

Green GLX wagon. 195 psi compression in each cylinder, new coil pack, new plugs. Car includes a box with NEW Bilsteins for all four corners and new rear coil springs. I purchased for $400 (ECS, I think) but have never(and apparently am never going to) get around to installing. Bank 2 goes offline kind of a lot. ...but I think this is due to the Chinese O2 sensors I put in (all four) that are too close to the exhaust. The misfire comes and goes. Bank 2 just goes out for no good reason. Also, it's time for flex connectors to the catalytic convertors.

Done a ton of stuff to her in the 10,000 miles I've had her but she's a perfect car for figuring out what's up. Rides very nicely when she rides at all...New fuel pump, soldered and new insulation around the wiring harness to the ECM.

Here's the VIN - WVWYH63B72E334897

Tow-away only!!

The price is firm but if you need to text or call to beg, get me at seven three two, three nine seven, eight zero six four.