I am selling a 2002 VW Passat . You can look at my post history to see I'm not trying to screw anyone .

I bought the car in 2021 with 72k miles give or take a few hundred . Car is super clean in and out .
Since i purchased the car I did new tires , new rotors and pads 2022, full tune up and head cover gaskets 2023 , Alternator , new battery , water pump and timing belt , fuel pump and sending unit and starter 2022.
I can get you the receipts for all this work . it was done by a local shop that specialize in German mostly Audi, and VW but he does BMW and Porshe .. I'm not 100 percent on starter but I think I did .

The car over heated on my way to work i think Jan or Feb. i shut the car and coasted to a marina where i parked it and took a cab to work . That night when there was no traffic i picked up the car and drove it back to where i park my work van it was late an cold out and it was 95 percent highway so the temp gauge stood in the middle it did not over heat on my way back . The car has set there for a few months untouched . I finally needed to use the car so i go to get it started and figure out why i over heated ..
I added coolant it comes right out . So I had it towed to my mechanic . He said its leaking from behind the timing plate cover . He thinks most likely a freeze plug but doesn't know for sure .

Since he would have to pull off the bumper and I guess a bunch of other things its like 500/600 for him to Just let me Know what is wrong with the car . Then I can decide what to do . between this and having the heater core bypassed I just give up . But the car is super clean and it would be a shame just to junk it . If I could do this work myself I would do it 110 percent . Unfortunately I don't have a place or the correct tools .

I was offered 880 from car brain after uploading pictures and sending VID number but I'm guessing that's to part the car out . It would really be a shame . The current title does not show mileage because age of car but the title I got when I bought it did have mileage 56000 . I think I have a pic of that title and I bought it around the 72000 and its now almost at the 95000. The car is super clean . the bumper is hanging off a tiny bit because i pulled to far up on a curb and guess i pulled it when reversing .the interior is dirty cause I'm a slob and a smoker but no stains no burns nothing . The car is fully tinted with a 600 dollar tint job done by pros no bubbles . . The AC is ice cold , heated seats work , cruise control works, I put an after market radio with apple and blue tooth and such . Other then this leak the car has been reliable .

Anyway i know its not a VR6 or a turbo . I just think it would be a shame and i would like to give a person from this site an opportunity because I honestly think its worth it … 1250.00 CASH TAKES THE CAR.. as IS.
Every one here has been helpful to me since the very beginning of this experience I wouldn't try to hurt anyone here . I fully disclosed everything I know .. You can also go back on my post . since I am not a VW guy almost every time I had any problems I posted about it here to get whatever info I could before going to the mechanic.
If you have any questions or would like a video or other pictures please feel free to ask . The car is currently sitting behind my office still registered and inspection current still insured but i wont keep it long . I figure by next week i will either sell it or i will let it get junked . If you work on VW this would be worth you wild , I say that because i believe it . Not just being a sale men .

Thanks again for all the help and advice over the last few years its greatly appreciated .

All the best