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2001.5 v. 2002

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Hi all-

This is my first post on this forum - I haven't been able to get registered until now - but I am getting rid of my 98 Honda Accord V6 to get a B5.5 Passat GLS. At this point I am very close to buying one, but I wanted to get everyone's opinion on the 2001.5 v. 2002 as far as reliability goes. I generally try to avoid first year cars (current car excluded), but since it wasn't a MAJOR redesign, I thought it may not matter so much.

Your take?
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I have a 2001.5 and the only problem I've had is with the ignition coils. Of course, that problem extended to other B5.5 model years as well. I believe the 2001.5 and 2002 are identical.
01.5 and 2002 should be identicial except maybe the revision of certain internal components and color choices.
I have a 2001.5 GLX and have had no problems so far (knock on wood!).
Was the Double DIN Tape/CD radio available in 2001.5 ? Most of the ones I've seen were Monsoon 2002's, but I remember in earlier years the Monsoon was just a Cassette with a changer sometimes - 2001.5's that I've seen online seem to have the Single DIN radio - Have I just not seen the right one yet?
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