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2000 Passat wagon, 2.8L V6. Rough running. P1423, P1411, P0300, P0305 and P0306.

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Started car today and it would barely idle much less run down the road. CEL on. Plugged good plug into each wire coming from coil pack. All seem to be firing OK. Removed LH valve cover and tensioner and chain OK. Put cover back on and road tested. Ran OK for a few blocks, then SOS. Codes are P1335, 1136 and 1138. Bumped air tube between intake elbow and intake air filter found it to be loose. Tightened hose and did lengthy road test and problem gone. I must have left it loose from a previous repair. Dark out now so will road test it again tomorrow.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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