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[EDIT] - SOLD! (didn't realize this post from 2016 still existed here, lol!)

Guys, it's killing me to do this, but it's time I moved on...

Putting this up to see if anyone's interested in the car as it sits, before I do the partout thing... Car is currently complete, a timing chain tensioner failed and caused bent valves and I think a valve cap broke off and bounced around in the cylinder. Totally stinks, the engine was incredibly clean internally, at least what I've seen in the top end, plus I rebuilt it from the heads up after the timing belt broke at 96K miles. I ran Mobil 1 since I bought it at 53K miles. It still drove great, and it's gonna be a challenge to find a vehicle that comes anywhere close to the pleasure of driving it. I simply don't have time to mess with it anymore, and we were already mini-van shopping before the engine issue....

For the sake of conversation, plus the forum rules, I'll list a price of $800.00 as it sits. Let's talk if you're seriously interested.

2000 V6 5 spd
~203,000 miles
new tires 10K ago
new front brake pads, rotors, and cylinders 3K ago
new hood strut 4 months ago
new PCV kit installed ~5k ago
new alternator less than 10K ago
new battery less than 1 year ago
upgraded to heated leather seats in the front
Blaupunkt HU driving the monsoon amp & speakers
ECU tuned by SpeedTuning USA
Monster mats
Projector headlights w/ HIDS installed
FIS cluster installed & programmed
Upgraded CCM to 1C0 (B5.5) version
Upgraded window motors to B5.5 version
aluminum skid plate
W8 sunroof controls

known issues:
engine damage
probably needs new rear shocks
saggy cloth on door cards & sunroof cover
W8 sunroof controls have flaking paint
some obvious wear & tear
Passenger door looses communication to the car on rare occasions, causing the lock and window to stop working
clear coat flaking off roof & hood
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