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Selling my 93 year old Dad's 2000 Passat 71k miles with original Blue Anthracite Pearl paint. Car was garaged all its life had one minor accident on the drivers side front door and rear door. Properly repaired and looks great.

The interior is great - no rips, no major staining, but could use a thorough cleaning. The exterior is in great shape also, just needs a compound and wax, it has only been washed for the last 10 years but sleeps inside.

So this is a really beautiful B5 that has been well cared for and has all service records since new with window sticker and spare that has never left trunk as well as the tools. It's all there but in the last couple of months it started throwing the PO300 code. My Dad was only taking it on very short trips and may have not paid attention to the code at first until he brought it to my attention. Assuming it was something minor and given the fact it was on original plugs, I changed the plugs and also changed the ignition coil for cylinder 3. No change, it kept throwing that code also the idle was rough especially when cold. Well I decided to do a compression test and #3 cylinder is low. The dry results 1-4 were 126, 124, 72, 131. So there are some issues with the motor. When I put a little oil into #3 the compression jumped to 119 psi. The wet test resulted in little difference in the other cylinders - the best cylinder #4 went to 135 wet. Its possible a bad coil or injector on cylinder 3 caused it to wash the cylinder dry causing the compression issue. The plug looks good and the engine doesn't smoke at all so weird.

SO we have a really nice car, that still runs pretty good. It doesn't visibly burn oil, it handles tight and has reasonable power and fuel economy. But it will need the engine rebuilt or replaced at some point. Transmission brakes etc are all good. It has brand new Yokohama tires on it (less that 200 miles) and I had new inner tie rods installed at the same time which all cost me $740 in total in March. Last year we put a new battery in to the car also. All told we have almost $1,000 into the car in brand new tires, suspension and new battery in the last year.

Asking $1500 and hoping there is a B5 enthusiast that can address the engine issue and have a truly awesome and sweet looking low mileage car. Located in Armonk, NY north of NYC Zip is 10504 Pete 914-310-4978 [email protected]









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