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I posted previously with a clogged sunroof/underhood drain that led to the inside of the car getting soggy with Faye's rain.

Well that was the end of last month and the car is almost done, under a comprehensive claim on the car insurance.

As the dealership plainly told the adjuster that the check engine codes had not been checked and wouldn't be a problem for him when evaluating the car, the only items to be repaired is the carpet, TCM and sunroof drains.

They claim the oil pressure readings are acceptable so the no oil pressure code/warning must be a mistake. We are assuming all codes will be cleared and the car will be in the state is was prior to the storm.

My concern is that the codes will simply be reset and we won't be whole after $3800 of repair.

How long does the ECM diagnostic check take to test all systems? If a warning/engine light has been reset, will I need to make sure to drive the car a certain distance before accepting it as repaired? Initially, the ASR light came on as the TCM went out, followed by the check engine light and the STOP no oil pressure warning came on as the car was pulled into a parking lot and stopped.

Your advice has been great so far and I appreciate any help you can give.


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