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2000 passat 1.8t dyno #'s

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first off i have a 2000 passat 1.8t atw 5 speed manual with these mods
-baileys diverter valve
-2.5in ebay fmic w/dv relocation
-2.5in exhaust cat back
-k&n drop in filter

gear pulls all start from 3000rpm

2nd gear-128.20hp max speed 59.55mph
3rd gear-134.20hp max speed 89.10mph
4th gear-125.45hp max speed 124.07mph

i did a 3rd gear pull with my a/c on and got 3 less hp..

all 3rd gear pulls
1-130.46hp 139.80(ft-lbf) (a/c on)
2-130.34hp 139.70(ft-lbf) (a/c on)
3-133.94hp 147.18(ft-lbf) (a/c off)

the ambient temp was 98 degrees
fmic had iat's down to 120-130 during pulls

next step is a unitronics stage 2 chip..
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The a/c should shutoff under full throttle. Post the dyno sheet in the Dyno Forum for reference.

You should start the pulls at 2000 rpm to show the torque curve. 3000 and the turbo is already making full boost.

It will be interesting to see the before and after numbers.
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