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2000 B5 Passat Wagon parting out - lots of white body parts

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A friend and I are parting out my white 2000 VW Passat 2.8 30v 5-spd manual wagon. It was in good running condition with little wear to body parts when I was rear-ended by an SUV, right at license plate level above the bumper. We're evaluating the engine and determining if I need any parts swapped with my Audi A6 (AHA engine).

I will figure out shipping if anyone outside the SF Bay Area wants it shipped. My Craigslist ads say "Locals only" just because some scammer wasted my time saying she'd come over after work but turned out to be overseas trying to run a scam.

I've photographed some of the parts and have more stuff coming later...

Hood - $145 - minor wear

Doors (front and rear) - $345 each including glass, except rear passenger door which includes the inside door skin and it's $470 - minor wear

Interior door stuff - $75 each except rear passenger door which we couldn't remove - good (had to remove burl trim to access screws)
not photographed or listed yet

Fenders (front) - $50 each - minor scratches
not photographed or listed yet

Mirror assemblies - $120 - wear on top, mirrors good, motors work fine, all connectors; includes interior corner trim
not photographed or listed yet

Signal light clusters (both front, driver's side rear) - $25 each front or $45 for both - rear driver's side $40 - very good
not photographed or listed yet; this is the B5.5 2000 style with two round red lights in a clear enclosure

Headlights (both sides) - $35 each, $60 both - not polished yet
not photographed

Radiator support - $95

Cargo cover "window shade" - $50 - black, fair condition

I have lots of stuff so ask if there's anything you're looking for!

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Hi, sorry for the delay! The driver's side taillight is in good condition but the passenger side cracked off the fasteners.
I edited the original post to include pricing and some Craigslist posts with photos.
Passatevos, I responded to your thread with pics of interior stuff. I'm not sure if it's the style you want, but the console is in pretty good shape and Quentin and I can pull it and price it. The headliner was junk.
Done, see your original post. Prices include free shipping. If you're local, I can discount instead.
I'm making a new post with new pricing for forum members.
I do, but shipping from California won't be cheap. I have the corner lights too if you're interested anyway.
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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