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I have read a ton of post and decided to check out the SOLDER joints on the lock mechanism on my 2000 1.8t passat. The solder joints were all in tacked and not broken. I read the Passat - Door Lock Mechanism Repair and - MKIV door locks explained - why you're having problems!!! :(.

Here are my simptoms
First I pulled the VAG-COM codes from a friendly poster a few months back. The codes I got are 00928, 01358, 00943, 00912, 00944. I did replace my window regulator clips once the window fell into the door.

1. I can not lower or raise the windows thru the driver side lock tumbler with the key from the outside.
2. I can lock or unlock just the driver door with key in door tumbler. It should be able to lock and unlock all doors if you wait long enough while turning the key.
3. SOmetimes the driver side door will lock after you start the car and start to drive off as it should but sometimes it doesn't
4. the remote sometimes will not lock the driver side door even though the door is not in lock position. I sometimes can hit the unlock on the remote and then press lock on the remote and that will lock it.
5. After parking the car and getting out and returning back to the car press the unlock button on remote no response no lights blinking or door unlocking, but driver side door isn't locked get in try to start car the alarm is triggerd.
6. Today I looked at the solder joints on door mechanism all ok, while placeing everything back and playing with the driver side door the car tried to lock the driver side door while it was open. I can here the door trying to lock and see the little "door peg" (not sure the name) try to lock but can't since the door is opened. But something is telling the computer to try to lock the car automaticaally after so many seconds 15-30 I guess. I think that is normal is all doors were closed.
7. buttons on the driver side panel all work correctly lock the doors unlocks the doors windows up and down, etc..
8. Sometimes I can open the driver side door and the little door light under the door doesn't come on like the car doesn't detect I open the door.

what can this be if not the solder joints? Bad CCM?

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It's either still an issue with the lock mechanism, or failed wiring in the door's wiring harness. If it was the CCM, the issue wouldn't be specific to one door. Start by checking the wires in the rubber boot that goes between the door and A pillar. Pop the kick panel off, and make sure both connectors from the doors harness are properly seated, and clear of corrosion or oxidization. I had a similar issue with my passenger door, and it turned out to be a broken wire where the harness flexes from opening and closing the door. I had to unwrap the outer bundling tape to find the issue.

BTW, the other doors should unlock by turning the key in the door to unlock twice in quick succession, it's not done by holding the key in the unlock position for a certain amount of time. Holding the key to lock or unlock should make the windows open or close.
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