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I've taken my car ('99 1.8T, Tip) in 3 times for some suspected oil leakage around the turbo and underneath the intake manifold. Each time the dealer wiped the parts clean and said they couldn't find anything. Well, it's gotta be coming from somewhere! After doing some research, I suspected that the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valves were leaking oil down onto the turbo and lower crankcase.

Here are the 2 pics from above the turbo. How can you not think that there is a leak somewhere?!?!?

Just above the turbo is one of the PCV valves. After I removed the valve, I saw the image below and looked inside the valve to find that it wasn't operational anymore. The rubber flap inside was soooo caked with oil debris that it wasn't moving anymore. I sprayed it with throttle plate cleaner and chunks of old oil came out. It was obvious that this is where the oil was coming out and running down the turbo onto the DV. Again, how can you miss this?

Here's a diagram of the parts that I checked and replaced.

The parts I replaced were:
#2, #5, #6 (<--pcv valve) in the diagram on the left
#20 (<--pcv valve) in the diagram on the right

Now on to the other side of the engine. Sorry I didn't take any pics of the driver's side underneath the intake manifold. There was a lot of slimy oil residue under there. I removed parts 2,5,6 and found there to be a lot of wet oil all around these parts and inside them too. Parts 2 & 5 pretty much fell apart while removing them. Part 2 had a large crack on the underside. I can assume that this is where the oil was dripping from.

In the pic above you can see the two valves above. The old one would stick open when you pressed on it. Not good.

The valve actually fits inside of the rubber T housing so you can't see it when you are looking down there below the manifold, next to the oil filter.

You can see all of the parts except for #2 here:

Once I took a look for myself under there, it was pretty easy to see where the oil was coming from. Everything was under 50.00 and took about 4 hours to do with testing and taking pics.

It even feels like I got some boost and responsiveness back! :thumbup: Let me know if you need any part numbers or tips.
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