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Hi guys.
So I bought my B6 roughly two weeks ago and ive spent loads of time on highly needed cleaning and tidying it up and did an oil and filter service before a longer trip last weekend.
The Passat has got 190.000KMs on it at the moment and I havent checked or replaced the gearbox oil on it yet. Dunno what the service intervals on these gearboxes are, but im quite sure the DSG gearboxes are 60.000kms and ive believe the manual gearbox oil that comes from the factory isnt really to be serviced ever, at least as far as I can see in the service documentation on the veichle, its never been done. (All services until i bought it were done at the local VW workshop by the previous owner. Since the car is 13 years old, I do not see the point in spending a ton of money to keep servicing it at the unserious local VW workshop so im doing it myself)

Technincal info:
2.0TDI 140HP 2007 Wagon, PD/engine code is BKP.

I would love some feedback from you guys... :

1: Exactly how much gear oil do I need to do the oil change? I know there is a filler plug that the oil is supposed to be filled up to, but I cant find out how much I actually need.

2: Does the gearbox have a filter? I know the DSGs do have filters but im 98% sure the manual one doesnt. (yes im new to old VW`s.

3: Can someone confirm that this engine has the dual-mass flywheel? Im also 98% sure that it does have one.. Lol.

4: The clutch feels fine, but when the engine is really cold/right after cold starting it in -5C, the clutch makes a slight (not loud) "grindy" noise when I drop the clutch half the way down. When its all the way in or out, there is no noise. After idling/heating up a little there is no noise either. Its not loud at all, it just worried me a little. Should I be worried? Ive worked tons on motorcycles and some clutch noise at cold engine seems to be normalised, but since this is a car and it (most likely) have a dual mass flywheel and lots of issues with these, it worried me a little.

5: As ive understood, when the flywheel goes bad, it "comes apart" internally, resulting in a horrible noise and the fear that its going to blow up any time. Is that correct? I could believe this is caused by people driving the cars wrongly by shifting too early and putting too much load on the flywheel over time when going up hills etc in 3. gear with the engine speed is just over idle speed. So to effectively avoid this is simply not to run the car on too low rpms+high loads over time? Right?

I love this car, but ive heard loads of horror stories with steering collumn locks going bad, EPB going bad/refusing to release the EPB and other electrical issues.. Other problems with these cars are rust. Mine has got a little rust attack over the rear right wheel arch, so im gonna have that sorted soon. Mainly I really wanted a skoda octavia with the same engine but less possible issues including no EPB and the "normal" key, not the "chip" that the passat has, but when I found this passat for half my budget, I had to get it lol. My next car might be a Skoda tho...
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