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2.0 TSI Serpentine Belt Tensioner DIY

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I am looking for help on the serpentine belt tensioner. I want to put on a new belt and don't know whether I should go ahead and buy a new tensioner assembly or just buy the rolller. Does anybody know the process for how to remove the tensioner? I can easily remove the belt and the bolt that holds on the roller, but I can't see what else secures the tensioner to the engine. Does it just pull out or is there another screw holding it in?
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Which engine, and how many miles on the original serpentine belt tensioner? Here's a belt tensioner from an early (BPY code) 2.0T. Looks like at least three bolts holding it on.

Generally, these should last 120K-140K, but you're wise to go ahead and change the tensioner (and roller) with a new part if the roller is making any noise - but this isn't typically required when the belt gets replaced (around ~50-60K or so). BTW, this tensioner isn't a part that typically fails during daylight hours when you have plenty of time and the convenience of hand tools to replace it.
It is a 2.0 TSI with the ccta engine. The roller comes off easy enough and looks like it has seen better days. It has 108k miles on it. The earlier BPY models were easy to remove but this one is much different in design. I think I can buy the roller separately. But I think i just figured out that it is just held in place by a 5mm allen. Should slide right on out after I remove it.
^Yeah, that's what I gathered from looking at this photo.

The one serp. belt tensioner I've had fail was on a '95 VR6 Passat. Overheating bearing melted the plastic 30F weather about 1/4 mile from an interstate rest area...the rest is too long a story to tell.

If you've still got serp. belt tension, I'd replace just the roller if it can be removed/reaplced separately.
Did you ever get this figured out? I have mine loose but just am having issues sliding it all the way out so I can get the new one in. Thanks in advance
Sorry for the late reply, but I never got a notice that there was a post to this thread. My mechanic told me there is one torx holding the entire tensioner assembly housing on, but I never replaced it....
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