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1999 Passat Wagon ICM Question

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I have a 1999 Passat Wagon. My car is currently in the shop and the said that the number two cylinder was not firing they tested the coil pack with a new one and it was still not firing. They reprogrammed the ECU and they are still getting the same codes. The check engine light came on all the sudden and I suspected that it was cause I was really low on gas. With the number 2 cylinder not firing would this be related to the ICM or is it more of a problem with the computer or the wiring harness to the number two coil pack. After reading on here it sounds like its more then likely a problem with the ICM. Am I correct?? What do you guys think?

I have been lurking here for quite awhile and have always found good info. Thanks for all the help and its about time I started posting

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I'd bet it's the ICM. They are about $110 at, and you can install it yourself in about 5 minutes.
Would the ICM cause cylinder number two to not fire at all?
Just have to plug the place where I'd purchased my ICM replacement, for $114 with free shipping:

I think Busdepot has raised their prices a bit.

It does sound like an ICM failure, but follow wchp's great advice to make sure.
Sounds like the ICM to me. Like a lot of people who've had them go bad, you're having a misfire on #2 cyl. If you're interested, there's an "autopsy" photo in this post:
Your ICM is toast, go by a new one and get driving again; has the HUCO brand for the cheapest but also check out, they sell both the HUCO and stock Bosch brands. Like was stated earlier, 5 minute repair job :thumbup: .
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