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1998 B5 -- H&R springs, OEM hubcaps, Kamei grille, mats, and salvage headlights

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1998 B5 -- lighlty used grey mats, OEM hubcaps, and salvage headlights

ONLY THE MATS AND HUBCAPS (and salvage headlights) REMAIN. The H&R springs and grille were sold. If you think you could use either the mats or hubcaps and are willing to pay shipping plus $5 to humor me, let me know. Frankly, if you are more than a couple states away, the shipping cost will not be worth it.


These items are from a 1998 Passat sedan 1.8T 5 spd I no longer own (after 220K+ miles). Given their size and weight, I'd prefer local buyers or other locals willing to put these parts to some use. But if you are interested and need an item shipped, let me know.

Mats: Likely the four or fifth set I owned. Dark grey in color. Used perhaps a couple thousand miles and with a little wear on driver's side. Aftermarket but good quality (from ECS) $10 obo

OEM hubcaps: All are intact, albeit with some scratching. If you need a set, take mine, please! for the OEM 15" steel wheels. $10 obo

Headlights (two): For salvage purposes only. Maybe you need a clip or some OEM wiring? $000 -- come and get them.

H&R springs: I used these Sport (red) springs for maybe a year or two before switching to a less severe set. I had no complaints about handling, but the car was a bit too low for the state of the roads around here. Part no. 54773 (over 1.5 inches of drop.) New retail is between $200 to $300. See the ECS specs: $75.00 obo

Images linked below:

Springs: (Note that the BOX is for the OEM sport springs 4773-55, which replaced these Sport 4773 ones on my daily driver)

I live live and work in the urban SF East Bay (Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, etc.), California.

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How much for the grill and floor mats shipped to 75080?
shaggy1071: I pm'ed you with a response.
BUMP -- grille is on its way to a new owner. Sport springs, mats, OEM hubcaps, and salvage lights remain.
I'd take the mats and hub caps - happy to pay a little plus shipping. Still up for that?
Hi. I'm good to ship if that's what you want. If you send me your location (at least town and zip) through pm, I could send you a shipping quote later today or tomorrow. New Hampshire is pretty far away so lets see what the actual shipping cost would be. Happy to get my ex-parts in service, of course.

Tom is a great seller. I am completely happy with the grill I purchased from him. It was exactly as described. He also shipped out fairly quick. I would for sure buy from him again without hesitation.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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