Thor Skid plate that came off the wife's 2004 GLX V6 Manual tranny. Low Mileage ~225,000 miles. For a hammer this well loved there are a few beauty marks and scars - hey that curb stop jumped out at me honey really it did. What I have to back out of the drive way straight until I clear the gutter?. But hey after being ridden hard and put away wet who doesn't have a few marks on them - that is life. It is not complete a there are two nuts that are permanently attached to the frame of the car. Once you deform them into the existing holes in that frame they are not ever ever coming out. You can get unmolested rivnuts and the tool to install them from evolution import for about $20 plus the other sundry fees. Why buy new when this specimen has a proven track record?

I offer this fine specimen of a fantastic oil pan saver to those Club B-5er's - yep dating myself, in the Los Angeles region as I have no intention of packing it into a box a shipping it.

Price is negotiable I am willing to go higher and maybe even lower.

Do you really need photos? I hope not but if there is a large demand then I will get it done.

Patrick aka joe engineer