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1993 Passat G60 Syncro -and- 1988 Jetta 16V

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I am converting my Mk2 Jetta 16V to be a Syncro. I purchased the complete drive-train from a Canadian car, it is a 1993 Passat G60 Syncro. I've been doing research on things to get this done. I understand the body and sheet metal modifications that will need to be done as well as the fuel tank. I am going to source some of the body parts from Europe and the fuel tank too, yes I know shipping will be astronomical. I'll keep the Viscous and not upgrade to Haldex because I plan to keep the 16V engine under 160 hp. Unfortunately, my 16V engine is a 1.8 PL which doesn't have the mounting holes for the Syncro transmission bracket, so I'm going to change it to a 2.0 9A block. I'll have to work out things like clutch and pressure plate, CV joints, shift linkage, brake lines and the small details. I'm not sure if I'll use the Jetta or Passat brakes in the front, my car doesn't have ABS. I'll probably use the Passat brakes in the rear as they are part of the assembly already and since my car is a 16V it does have rear disc brakes already, I may have to use a mixture of the Passat and Jetta rear brakes. I guess my first question would be, is the 1993 a B3 or B4?

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The '93 is a B3. Regarding the rear calipers...the B3 G60 likely has Girling calipers with a 38mm piston (good). If the '88 GLI is early, the rear calipers may be Girlings with a 36mm piston (bad). The 36mm Girlings had the handbrake cable mounted on top of the caliper (great for collecting debris and water to accelerate handbrake failure) :thumbdown

Crawl under the '88 GLI and look at the bottom of the caliper. If you see a hard brake line, the handbrake is attached on top (GLI has 36mm Girlings). If you find that the handbrake cable is attached to the bottom of the caliper, the GLI has 38mm Girlings (and you have a set of spare calipers as the B3 also has 38mm Girlings).

If the '88 GLI has the 36mm Girlings, the calipers can be swapped over, but to do it correctly, you'll need the hard lines that run between both 38mm Girlings and the flex line mounted in front of the torsion beam/axle. Not impossible to do, just more parts to move to make it work the way the factory intended. (Just went through this about a month ago swapping rear calipers and lines between an early '88 GLI and a late [CE2] '89 GLI) The '89 GLI was totaled, but has scads of new/good used parts installed within the last 24 months.

Good Luck on your project.
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