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I was painting my wheels and what not when one of the jacks I was using slipped and caused the car to slide off. It wasn't a hard crash, very slow and rested on the rear left control arm I believe. I can't see any damage but when I go to start the car it starts fine but then slowly just cuts out. I've got some codes:

00907 Intervention Load Management static - No define
00931 Locking Module for Central Locking Rear Right (F223) sporadic
01259 Fuel Pump Relay (J17) sporadic 009 - Open or short to ground

I don't know much about the mechanical side of cars so I'm clueless. What should I do? How much am I looking at in costs? And do you think a shop could get this fixed before my wife's plane lands Friday evening? So embarrassed. :banghead:
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