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1.9TDI AFN Split hose in PCV system - can't identify it

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I have a split hose in the PCV system which is blowing and spraying some oil around; it's blown the foam from under the engine cover to bits and made a nice oily clumpy mess everywhere - as you can see.

I've done a lot of googling and searching around PassatWorld - but I can't identify the hose; VW said there should be a part number on it to allow them to order one - but I can't find one on it leading me to wonder if I have to buy it as part of a (presumably expensive) kit / assembly :-(

It's circled in this image; can anyone help me with a part number and/or name of the hose?

Also - when I am replacing that hose, is there anything else I should be checking out (i.e. could the split be a symptom rather than a fault in its own right)?


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1B 028103509
breather tube / M AHH 005 160>>* / M AHU 356 271>> / M AFN 806 087>>

Auto part Line art Automotive engine part Suspension part Automotive exhaust
Text Font Line Document Paper

You may want to join this forum it has great parts look up for your engine.
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Dude. You rock! Part now on hold with the local stealer.
Seriously - thanks again for the quick reply; and thanks from a buddy who was looking for this VW parts look-up capability too.
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