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1.9 tdi AFN Engine Tuning Chip

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I have purchased a 1.9 TDI Tuning chip that is suppose to connect to the Bosch Fuel Pump.

Can anyone tell me please where the connector is that i connect it to?

My car has the AFN engine code.


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What you have isn't a chip tuning, its a resistor in a box that turns the fueling up. If you can, return it and get a real tune.

The connection is behind the injection pump

If you want real chip tuning, talk to RocketChip, Malone Tuning, TDTuning, etc.

I have stage 4 tuning from Malone on my AHH Passat(90hp, similar to AFN).

The chip states the car will go from 110 bhp to 145bhp

I have a 10 day Money Back Guarantee and 2 Year Guarantee

Will it use more fuel?Will it give me more power?


It will only use more fuel(not boost) and yes, you'll get more power but it will likely smoke a bit more.

I doubt that you'll get that much power out of it.

You can do an Evry mod and get the same type of thing, for only a dollar.. search

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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