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1.8t Won't catch, checked fuel pump,pushed on relay and horn honks

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1.8t Won't start/catch, checked fuel pump,pushed on relay. and horn works

Please bear with me... passat noobie ( 3 weeks). manufactured 5/98 wagon stick shift. car is too much fun, getting pulled over once a week on average. friend at junkyard said "maybe you should change your shoes ?"

The condition ; car running well, has gas, routinely fixing with recycling yard parts (interior etc). just replaced glove box, turned off car. wouldn't start next morning ( turns over catch or trying to catch. dead. did rain previous night. Op ( is this operator ?) is bad with keys attached to wallet, pulls routinely on ignition. (will correct soon...with fancy new remote keys when i can afford).

no water on mats. checked for "car wash condition" turned car over multiple times. put batt on charger( in car). checked for fuel, plugs dry. checked fuel rail, pump not activating. manually hot wired pump with extra batt, pump works. checked all fuses( replaced #14 anyway as per advice). tore cover off pump relay pushed on it no pump ( start still exists). tested icm. removed ecm,was dry(and attached harness connectors to interior harness).

horn honks so it's not ignition ? :banghead: thoughts ? Thanks so much in advance. i'm boggled by amount of info here at PW... it's got me this far ...who knew ?! i feel lots better knowing what some of this newfangled gibber-underdash is. this place ( PW) is better than reading a factory manual ( $100 ? wth, guess i'll get it later )


i should check for spark but it's always fuel OR spark right ? oh yea, not in 70's anymore.check ground was mentioned but...where ? thanks again ?
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Ylwagon, Thanks for noting confusing title ! not sure i fixed that but amateur try ..

i took apart fourth relay from left side (printed schematic looked right) will double check. There is power at relay, but does not operate(relay) with activating ignition, no movement. relays contacts were fresh/not pitted. manually depressing relay did not activate troubleshoot light. know more soon..thanks
FIXED ! Thanks ....

Thanks ylwagon :angel: !!!

okay. tested the fuel pump ground it came out well ( no ohm resistance 0.00) i had a spare unknown ecm with correct #'s and ( thanks to your mentioning relay is controlled by ecm) i plugged it in for giggles...relay came to life right before my eyes ! i checked the fuel pump harness and got no test light confirmation so on a hunch i jumped the fuel pump ....and... wait for it.....ignition. i reset ecm and noticed positive batt cable was loose :mad: and somehow fuel pump wire has ________ ( shorted ?!) and fried ecm ....idk.

vehicle starts and runs...need to limp it in to the shop to get it checked before i try to smog ( saw your in calimafornia , so i know you know what i mean). THANKS !:thumbup:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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