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That's odd as they usually fail in grand style.
You got that right! Like the OP, I too had an 80K service last month. Last week I drove from FL to Ohio, and a few miles out of Cincinnati I got the dreaded flashing CEL. Car running like crap - no power, couldn't get it over 30 mph or so. Had it towed to a local dealer. Problem was bad coilpack #4, so thankfully nothing major.

I had all 4 coilpacks replaced under warranty at around 20K miles or so, with no coilpack issues since. It just seems "coincidental" that it went bad right after the 80K service, just like the OP. Wonder if that coilpack got damaged someway when they were changing the plugs? Maybe fell on the floor or something?

I understand now why some of you carry a spare coilpack or two in your trunk.
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